Real Value for Real People

Other providers offer perceived value. Our solutions provide actual value. We provide stuff that your clients actually need and want, not just the pre-packaged, expensive programs dictated by the other guys. 

We’ll help you build long-term trusting relationships with your clients and their employees. Here’s how…

  • We don’t compete with you, we’re on your team and dedicated to growing your business.
  • We’ll help with marketing initiatives to ensure your personal brand is front and centre.

"Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful, warm welcome to the organization. You've been terrific. All the support - including contracting, initial set-up, quotes, website as well as the matching promo material has been much appreciated. Makes one feel very welcomed."

Kim Sanderson

"Blendable Service Champions always get back [to me] right away with the answers that I'm looking for, which is most important."

Jay Sharkey

Our teams will work to ensure a phenomenally positive adventure for you and your clients. Our goal is to make the overall experience as seamless and easy as possible. What does that look like? Here’s some examples:

  • Less paper-pushing and followup tasks for you – we’ll do the heavy lifting
  • Painless and client-friendly renewals
  • Simple blending of complementary solutions
  • Dazzling sales support – just ask Kim