Benefits Solutions

Blendable Solutions

No pigeon holes here. Your plan is your plan. Business owners are constantly balancing cashflow considerations and human resources objectives designed to develop an awesome team. We'll work with you and your Advisor to find the perfect blend of benefit options that works for your company, no matter the size, no matter the budget.

Insured Solutions

Provide peace of mind benefits for your employees. Our traditional coverages include Life, LTD and more. Combine those with an HSA or Emergency travel or...well...whatever to customize a plan for your needs and those of your team.


Claims Administration

Want to avoid huge health and dental premiums and prefer to control costs by 'self insuring'? We make it easy for you. You design your plan, decide on coverage and we do all the rest including claims administration.

Partner Services

We've found amazing partners that complement our Plans with peace of mind coverages and other blendable solutions. We think they're awesome. Want to become a partner?

Made for you

A benefit plan should be tailored, not pre-defined. 

Employers need affordable options that will attract and retain talented people. Employees need benefits they'll actually use. 

We provide customizable, uncomplicated benefit plans that offer great value. Our team and our Advisor Nation will partner with you in the success of your business by putting together a program that works for your business and your team. 

Recent News

What can you use a Health Spending Account for?

A Health Spending Account is an ideal way for an organization to help their team cover medical expenses. The biggest benefit is its flexibility. Anything that's eligible for the CRA medical expense tax credit can be reimbursed using an HSA!

How do self-funded group benefits plans work?

Employer-funded, ASO, self-insured, whatever you call them, self-funded benefits plans give you cost control and the flexibility to design a plan your way.

What’s the real cost of your massage?

Meet someone who thought his insured health and dental coverage seemed like a great idea, but the dollars didn’t quite add up.