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The world is changing... again. But don't worry, this time we're here to bring you up to speed.

What are Transactional Benefits?

Around here, we call dental exams, prescription drugs, and eyeglasses "transactional benefits" because of their predictable, low cost nature.

The year-end benefits bamboozle

The signs of the season are all around us – houses are lit up, the radio is playing holiday music, and healthcare providers are imploring us to use our group benefits before year-end.

How do I open a Health Spending Account?

Good news, opening a Health Spending Account (HSA) couldn’t be easier!

An HSA is super simple for an organization to set up, and super flexible for plan members to use. It’s a win-win. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way!

Budgeting for your group benefits plan

Are you wondering how adding or changing a group benefits plan will impact your balance sheet?

We’ve got some tips to help you review your costs, decide what to cover, and watch out for the financial pitfalls of insured benefits. With these tricks you’ll be able to put a plan in place that supports your team while controlling your costs.

Gary controlled his costs with a Blendable benefit plan

We helped Gary control his benefits costs while providing a robust benefit plan for his 100 team members.

What can you use a Health Spending Account for?

A Health Spending Account is an ideal way for an organization to help their team cover medical expenses. The biggest benefit is its flexibility. Anything that's eligible for the CRA medical expense tax credit can be reimbursed using an HSA!

How do self-funded group benefits plans work?

Employer-funded, ASO, self-insured, whatever you call them, self-funded benefits plans give you cost control and the flexibility to design a plan your way.

What’s the real cost of your massage?

Meet someone who thought his insured health and dental coverage seemed like a great idea, but the dollars didn’t quite add up.