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The importance of benefits communication

Group Benefits are a key part of compensation packages for many reasons. They can be used to bring in top talent, retain your amazing team, create a wellness culture, the list goes on.

However, that breaks down if your team doesn’t know what their benefits are or how to use them. Benefits are compensation and should be communicated as clearly as you would salary or vacation days.

Inflated Plans: Why they don't work

Inflated plans are unfortunately still commonplace among businesses. A lack of available information causes Plan Sponsors to go for these plans thinking it’ll be great for their business. Unfortunately for them, they learn quite quickly the financial implications are often too much to bear.

HSA vs. A Raise

In the quest to boost employee satisfaction and retention, businesses often resort to traditional methods like salary raises or bonuses. Handing out more money may seem like the obvious choice. However, there's a compelling alternative —Health Spending Accounts (HSAs).

5 Group Benefits myths you need to know

Figuring out group benefits can feel like navigating a labyrinth where you aren’t sure what’s myth and what’s fact. Confusing jargon like “target loss ratio” and “pooling costs” only make it harder.

Let's shed light on the puzzling world of group benefits. Debunking myths and revealing truths that savvy business owners should know.

Here are 5 myths in the Group Benefits world.

The 2023 Benefits Canada Healthcare Survey

The Benefits Canada Healthcare Survey was released a few weeks ago and you know what that means! We have another reason to talk about trends in the Group Benefits Industry!

In this blog, we will be going over findings that we found interesting, informative, and important.

The Perfect Storm

Inflation, wage increases, an economic slowdown, and evolving labour market dynamics are all topics that have been making headlines recently, and their impact is felt across various sectors of the economy. Small businesses in particular are facing mounting challenges as they grapple with the repercussions. If your small business was a ship, you’d be heading into quite the storm!

Artificial Intelligence and Group Benefits

Artificial Intelligence is a frightening yet intriguing scientific development. It's amazing how sites such as ChatGPT are becoming more streamlined. In this blog, we decided to see what the all-knowing ChatGPT thinks about Health Spending Accounts in the world of Group Benefits.

What is the right amount to contribute?

I know an HSA is the right thing to do for my business and my team, but how much should I contribute? We answer this question and more in this blog!

HSA Select and your cash flow

As a business owner you watch your books like a hawk. Money in, money out, make sure I stay on top of it! So, when starting a Blendable HSA Select to cover your healthcare expenses you've probably got cashflow questions. Well, we've got answers!