Be confident in your care

A serious medical diagnosis can leave members wondering whether they're getting the right treatment, and what other options are available. Medical Second Opinion (MSO) coverage, delivered by HumanaCare, provides expert advice so they're confident in your care.

Experts at the ready

There are so many developments in medicine that no physician can stay on top of it all. The Medical Second Opinion service provides support from a team of expert physicians to help ensure the correct diagnosis and treatment.

When a member contacts HumanaCare for a Medical Second Opinion, the team will gather the member's medical records, then their network of world-class specialist physicians will review the clinical information, identify the appropriate diagnosis, and make a treatment recommendation. Members will receive a report and follow up support to help them make an informed decision.

Add Medical Second Opinion to your plan

For only $5 per member per month, Medical Second Opinion can be blended into any plan.

It can also be bundled with an EFAP for only $6 per member per month.

Whether you already have a Blendable benefits plan or not, just get in touch. We can help you add MSO to your plan, or create the perfect blend of employee benefits for you and your team.

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