What can Blendable do for me?

Group benefit plans need to be done right. If not, you end up drowning in neverending premium increases, hidden fees, and yearly trips to shop for a new plan.

But the group benefits industry can be difficult to navigate and often we default to trusting the big companies since we don't know the right questions to ask or the right things to look for. This leads to setting up a benefits plan that costs you a fortune in premiums and doesn't put your employees' wellbeing first. Doesn't sound very appealing, does it?

The ultimate solution

Luckily, the folks here at Blendable work really hard to perfect better ways to set up group benefits, including Health Spending Accounts (HSA). Our HSAs cover health and dental expenses eligible through the CRA Medical Expense Tax Credit, and give your team the flexibility and autonomy they deserve.

But hold on a minute, the amazing cost-saving HSA isn't all we do, come take a look at our all-encompassing, professionally shot, Oscar award-winning (we wish), Beginner's Guide to Blended Benefits to see what we're all about!

The exclusive video includes:

  • Why health and dental insurance just doesn't meet the mark;
  • The blended benefits alternative (shoutout to Health Spending Accounts)
  • Some eye-opening cost breakdowns; and
  • Stories from business owners just like you!

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