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Are you hungry? Grab yourself a sandwich as we dive into how to build a benefits plan...

How is Building a Benefits Plan like Building a Sandwich?

Take a second to picture your favourite sandwich. Was it grilled cheese? Ham & swiss? Turkey club? 

Whatever you imagined, it was a perfect base with a variety of toppings that was sure to make your mouth water.

Building a blended benefits plan is just like building your favourite sandwich. You start with the right base, customize to your heart's content, then sit back and enjoy something made just right! 

Covering health and dental expenses is like the bread of the sandwich. It sets the foundation, allowing you to stack on options and customization. 

Just like sandwich bread options, you also have options for covering health and dental expenses. In a blended benefits plan, this means choosing between a Health Spending Account (HSA) or Enhanced Health Blend (EHB). Both help reimburse health and dental expenses, but with their own unique flavour.

An HSA is like an account for plan members. An organization makes regular contributions (all of which are tax-deductible!) Plan members can use these funds (tax-free!) to reimburse their eligible expenses.

HSAs can be customized with options to allow the funds to carry over each year, reset at the end of a benefit period, or be reset, then invested in a Group RRSP.

An EHB is more like self-insurance. Your organization provides the funds, but plan members make claims and are reimbursed based on the organization's rules. You design EHB coverage with service limits to help control your costs while giving plan members a benefits plan that feels familiar, like insured health and dental. 

The sky's the limit when deciding how to design an EHB. Instead of accepting a cookie-cutter plan from an insurance company, you work with a blended benefits expert to make choices that are right for you.

Customizing your Plan, So It's Just Right

Now that you've chosen the perfect bread, it's time to customize it to your liking! You can't forget about all the tasty toppings that make your sandwich a masterpiece.

It's the same with a group benefits plan. Once you've got the basics right by choosing how to cover health and dental expenses, you can add features that make it a perfect fit for your team. 

Think your group benefits sandwich needs a little more meat? Increase your Health Spending Account value or add an HSA to your Enhanced Health Blend to help plan members cover more expenses.

Hungry for comfort food? Insured benefits like Life Insurance, Critical Illness, or Disability can be added. We call them Peace of Mind benefits because they give plan members assurance that they'll have support if they need it.

Looking for some added spice? Accessory benefits like Group Travel or an Employee and Family Assistance Program can be enticing differentiators for prospective employees.

No Two Businesses Are Alike, So Why Settle for Premade Benefit Options

Everyone has different tastes when making the perfect sandwich; however, we can all agree that making a sandwich yourself always tastes best.

The same goes for customizing a benefits plan for the specific needs of your business. Having the freedom and flexibility to do what's right for you will result in the best plan for your business and your team.

Let Us Help Build Your Perfect Plan 

With the help of our trusted Advisor Nation and the Blendable Growth Team, you'll be in great hands. They’ll help you build the perfect group benefits plan! You will have more time to focus on your organization while providing your employees with flexible and customizable group benefits that make sense for you. 

Contact us today to build the perfect group benefits plan for you and your team!

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