Blended Benefits Truth: Alternative to Health and Dental Premiums

When health and dental benefits are insured, plan sponsors end up paying for benefits that nobody uses. With a blended benefits plan the organization gains control over their benefits and costs.

Brad Asks: How Much is Enough for a Group Benefits Plan?

A Journey to find Group Benefits

Should All Benefits Be Insured?

Insurance can be a useful tool when providing benefits, but do businesses really need to insure their employees' health and dental expenses?

Dan’s A-HA Moment About Insurance Premiums

Dan often questioned the value of traditional group benefits for his company, until he found a better way with Blendable! With us, he was able to customize his group benefits and control costs for his organization.

Health Spending Accounts vs Traditional Health Benefits

Something that makes sense or Dr Crookshank's magic elixir?

YourHSA becomes Blendable

Same great philosophy, brand new name. Welcome to Blendable.